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You can use Einstone for


Fence Posts



Block Work & Stucco


and many others!


Can I mix Einstone concrete right in the bag?
Yes! Just snip off a corner of the bag, pour the appropriate amount of water into the bag, fold over corner and place small piece of tape. 

How much water should be added to Einstone Concrete?
1.5 pints (0.71 liters) of water for every 20 pounds (9.07 kg) of concrete, never to exceed 2 pints (0.95) liters per 20 pounds (9.07 kG) of concrete.
Be sure to measure water carefully as excess water reduces the strength of mix and may cause cracking. 

How much will one bag cover?
Every 40 pounds (18.14 KG) of concrete covers approximately 1 Sq Ft at 4" deep.

Can I use Einstone to fill cracks?
All concrete mix contains rock, thereby not being suited for small cracks or thin patching, Einstone makes sand-mix which is specifically designed for this type of application.

What is the set time? 
2-5 hours, dependent upon ambient placement conditions. Use warm water to accelerate set time in cold weather. Use cold water to slow set time in hot weather.

For how long must Einstone cure before I can use(walk or drive on) the concrete?
It is dependent upon the application, but approximately 3-7 days.

Will Einstone blend with other concrete?
Yes! Over time, Einstone, as with other concrete, will "bleach" in the sun and blend in with existing concrete.

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